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Immunity to encapsulated bacteria

A PhD thesis defended at Utrecht University 

June 9, 2000

by Gestur Vidarsson

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If you would like to get your hands on your own copy of this book (ISBN 90-393-2402-6), you may contact me.  Additionally, I made a multimedia version of the whole thesis for very limited distribution (for me, promotors, family).  Because some of the copyright of some of the chapters is owned by various scientific journals (and because some explicitly only gave me permission to make printed copies) I do not dare to put the whole electronic version up here.  However, the rest is available below (click on the picture of the main program window): 

Prof. dr. Jan G. J. van de Winkel
Department of Immunology
University Medical Center Utrecht
The Netherlands

Dr. Ingileif Jónsdóttir
Department of Immunology
The National University Hospital, Reykjavík

Prof. dr. J. C. Clevers
Prof. dr. W. van Eden
Prof. dr. J.L.L. Kimpen
Prof. dr. T. Logtenberg
Prof. dr. J. P. van Putten
Prof. dr. M. Kilian

Cover Art
Guðrún Gestsdóttir (my mother).

The investigation was supported by Nuffic, Erasmus, Rannsóknarnámssjóður, NATO and a research training grant from the European Community Biotechnology program (BIO4-CT97-5084). 

The printing of this thesis was financially supported by the “Edward Jenner Stichting”, “Medarex”, “J.E. Jurriaanse stichting”, “Dr. Ir. Van de Laar stichting”, and “Stichting Fonds Harald Quintus Bosz”.