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A quick overview of Titri

- Versions 4.75 / 5.04

This program is designed for ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno Assay) calculations, and because ELISA plates have the standard 8x12 well setup, this program handles a 8x12 spreadsheet with 96 cells in it. It is intended to calculate concentrations of samples from a standard curve, using point to point calculations.

Data (OD values) can be entered into this spreadsheet using the keyboard. This is a rather tedious way for data input. A more convenient way is to read the data from an ASCII file (text file), or to read the data from the measuring instrument it self. This program, called Titri, can easily perform this task.

To receive data straight from the Absorbance reader you will have to connect your computer and the instrument with a serial cable (your instrument must have a serial port and your computer must have an extra serial port (COM port)). You will also have to adjust the program to your Absorbance reader (Baud rate, Data bits, Stop bits, Parity and COM port). Refer to your Absorbance reader manual to see the default settings.

After the data input you process our data - or let Titri do most of the work for you. You will have to feed the program with necessary information for Titri to carry out its task correctly.

You can read the latest information about the current status of this program in the "readme.txt" file. If you want to download the program, then please follow the following links:

Titri, version 4.75 - 16 bit version.
Titri, version 5.04 - 32 bit version.
I have noticed that on some Windows2000 systems (may also include other versions as well) this versions sometimes shows the 8x12 grid in a reversed way, so that hole A1 is normally where you would find hole A12.  The reason for this is unknown, but it seems to be a cosmetic problem. If you find this irretating, the older 16-bit version also works, but is not affected by this problem, on Win2000 and XP.

= Note: these programs are zipped, so you need to unzip these and run the installation program.

A If you want further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Recently, I became a aware of a free online utility that does more or less the same: However, one thing is still missing: you cannot add dilutions or gain more control over which part of the standard curve you would like to use (quality control). I have forwarded the suggestion to the makers of the site who welcome all input. Hopefully they will add these and perhaps more advance features soon - something users may like and need.


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