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Computer programs.
In September 1984 I got bored when my school janitor went on a strike which unexpectedly led to closing down of my school, as it was illegal for anyone else to open the school building. All public transportation in Reykjavik were also down at the time, so I took my bike to the city center to buy my very first computer - a Sinclear ZX Spectrum!  As a consequence, I have generated some programs on my own, both for pleasure and business (Scientific). These included internettools and a speach generator that imitated by own voice. Previously I published some of them here, but as I have no time to continue this hobby of mine, these became outdated and therfore I removed them. However, for one of these, there is still demand - a program for quantifying ELISA results - or for that matter: any 8x12 formatted numerical data where you include a standard and unknown samples for quantification.

 All programs were written for Windows enviroment - lets hope Microsoft continues to give backwards compatibility to the days of Win3.1/NT/XP days. To install these programs, I would suggest you download them into an empty directory, and unzip them, and then run the "setup.exe" file if present.

All these programs have been tested virus, adaware and malware free.

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